Safety Stations

Our safety stations are equipped with the best possible equipment that keeps all workers on site safe. These units include AEDs and backboards in case of a major emergency, and eyewash and safety shower stations in the event that any chemicals come into contact with the body.

We are very serious about all our stations meeting all ANSI standards in their entirety.

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Security Trailers

Security trailers add safety measures that you simply cannot put a price on. When you are on location drilling or fracing, knowing what individuals are on site at all times is extremely important in case of an unplanned emergency or unfortunate mishap. We maintain the known location of every staff member by requiring each employee to sign in and out of the job site.

Our Titan employees also ensure that each individual entering the job site is well aware of safety requirements by completing a JSA overview and hazard overviews upon entering. Along with the review of JSAs and hazard overviews, Titan makes it a priority to mention muster areas and the map layout of a location for every new site to result in no miscommunication.

Without a doubt, Titan is the best option when it comes to your employees’ safety.

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 Climate Control Stations

Titan Solutions has state of the art heating/cooling units that provide a relief area for your crew from any weather conditions that might be taking a toll.

These enclosed trailers are equipped with seating, outlets for charging electronic devices, coffeepots, and shelter from the outside conditions. This trailer can be used for its heating or cooling purposes with the availability of both a heater and an AC unit within the trailer.

If a need for a more extensive cooling station exists, then we have an alternative cooling station that has open walls with a roof for a simple shaded area. An air cooler is placed at one end of the shelter for cool airflow running through the open shelter for hot days.