Our History

 In November of 2013, Heath Holloway recognized a serious void in the oilfield that he could fulfill. With the help of a qualified team of individuals, he began the long journey of servicing oilfield companies in the DJ Basin. Service to oilfield companies is a necessity that Titan Solutions had the opportunity to exploit. What would be at first a small supplier of LED light plants, grew into something more than anyone expected. As their success expanded and their reputation for outstanding service grew, more clients would request more services. Titan rose to the occasion, now offering numerous business lines to a multitude of companies. Titan has answered these requests throughout the years since their start and continues to do so today by expanding their business model to new customers in new regions. This company has proven that even through devastating economic downturns, if you provide exceptional products with best in class service, you will be triumphant. Today Titan Solutions secures careers for over 120 of our people with plans of expansion into additional regions.