Custom Containment



We launched our services through our cost effective oilfield containment systems in the DJ Basin.  Containment solutions remain a core service to our on-going oilfield customers.  But increasingly, industrial and municipal requirements outside of the oil patch are discovering the convenience and environmental protection afforded by these systems. 

For most equipment, tanks  and storage units leakage is not commonplace.  But if it happens, our clients want a dependable, high-quality liquid containment solution to prevent spills from reaching the ground.  Our systems meet the high standards of clients in the DJ Basin – and are particularly attentive to the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements by the State of Colorado.

Containment Systems require quality craftsmanship – assembled by trained craftsmen.  We build systems to fit the client situation.

Our eight inch environmental containment berm rentals protect against liquid or solid spillage that could pollute the ground, and ultimately preserves the environment. At Titan Solutions, we know how to use the appropriate materials to successfully line and contain pollutants for whatever the job requires, as well as secure the containment though a variety of measures.

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 Full-site Containment

Full-site containment provides the capability to protect against all conditions where our clients may be drilling or fracing. Our full-site containment services protect from water & oil spills, and engine leaks. Additionally, we prevent stains in and around well heads.

Titan Wall Containment


Large, durable plastic barriers, approximately 2-4 feet tall and 8 feet wide, are placed around the containment. The barriers are then held in place with ratchet straps or quick top attachments. 

The quick top attachments are heavy duty clamps secured over the top of the barriers, strictly maintaining the original position of the containment. Both methods safely secure the true containment to catch all and any storage unit leakage that may occur.


 Single Containment

Single pieces of containment are primarily for the surrounding area of a piece of equipment. Using these smaller pieces are a great way to make sure the equipment itself doesn’t spill or leak harmful material on the site.